UEFI is a standard firmware interface designed to replace BIOS. The NVIDIA UEFI network driver is compliant with UEFI specification version 2.6 and allows boot over network via PXE (Preboot eXecution Enviroment). This network driver allows remote boot over InfiniBand or Ethernet, or Boot over iSCSI (Bo-iSCSI) in UEFI mode, and supports the SecureBoot standard.

The UEFI Network driver allows IT managers the flexibility to deploy servers with a single adapter card into InfiniBand or Ethernet networks while also enabling booting from LAN or remote storage targets.In addition to boot capabilities, the NVIDIA UEFI network driver provides firmware management and diagnostic protocols compliant with the UEFI specification.

Note: UEFI is now available on internal flash memory with upgrade to newer firmware image. You may enable UEFI boot with a simple field configuration.

  • Available for the majority of NVIDIA ConnectX-4 onwards adapter cards. For the full list of the OPNs with this capability, refer to the relevant firmware Release Notes.
  • Refer to the UEFI User Manual for details on how to enable UEFI.
  • UEFI is now available for both x86 and Arm systems.

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