FlexBoot is a multiprotocol remote boot technology that delivers unprecedented flexibility in how IT Managers can provision or repurpose their datacenter servers. FlexBoot enables remote boot over InfiniBand or Ethernet using Boot over InfiniBand, over Ethernet, or Boot over iSCSI (Bo-iSCSI). FlexBoot gives IT Managers the flexibility to deploy servers with one adapter card into InfiniBand or Ethernet networks with the ability to boot from LAN or remote storage targets. This technology is based on the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) standard specification, and FlexBoot software is based on the open source iPXE project (see www.ipxe.org).

  • Simplified boot image and configuration management
  • Rapid recovery from server and site failures
  • Support boot options from both InfiniBand and Ethernet
  • Remote boot support from iSCSI Storage (target) and Ethernet (LAN targets)

Note: Adapter cards supporting Secure Firmware Update capability cannot field-upgrade their Felxboot/UEFI. Please contact Mellanox support for more information.

The Mellanox Boot over InfiniBand solution enables the booting of servers from an IP-based LAN environment. This SW is based on the open source Etherboot/gPXE project (see www.etherboot.org).

Linux PXE Installation over IPoIB
Driver MD5SUM Size Related Document
rhel5.5x86 driver 723c69a86028eda8be9cfaf9167a7be5 23.7MB README
rhel5.5x64 driver 25b4253443eefdbd900ed5e5df4f3997 25.2MB
rhel5.6x64 driver e8f81065ae67968949c8f11c81e5123b 30.1MB
rhel5.6x86 driver e59c01878baaf28a53970947dba06826 26.6MB
rhel5.7x64 driver 7bf4b0b6819bea235baf7a7da996e6d6 29MB
sles11sp1x64 driver e027f2222ab2fd1342cf4086acd741b2 41 MB
sles11sp1x86 driver 0e1539b306a7b81128148298dc0486ad 37 MB
centos5.5x64 driver 7985722258883b69d05f0388b0d09f3b 25.5 MB
centos5.6x64 driver f7b78ad4f75a82acf6fc13de93b195b4 29 MB

Linux PXE Installation over Ethernet
Driver Version MD5SUM Size Related Document
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL6.5 Driver 3.1-1.0.0 c0a80173036beea48f46749472c74db3 1.7M README
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL6.6 Driver 7b6a8d2c765dc04b461197797e5d772d 1.7M
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL6.7 Driver 069b3b214cc2fdb84593f48dceedcafa 1.7M
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL7.0 Driver e372f30c3dc183dcb880fb1fe426a8d7 1.6M
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL7.1 Driver 58ff98c3838cee23deee151c71b32f69 1.6M
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL6.4 Driver 2.0-3.0.0 a80c0feeac88d56b7ce77388d8aa708f 176KB -
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL6.1 Driver 77cf384dda7d7b59522892182f5dd837 41MB  
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL6.2 Driver 39ff07b90ae8dff4354402fff2ffce19 33MB  
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL5.7 Driver ce6278804449bc02819929aa83b09ff9 15MB -
DUD MLNX_EN for RHEL5.8 Driver e903b9df08e86854f98adf65d7a9b9e4 8.1MB  
kISO MLNX_EN for SLES10 SP4 Driver 1.5.7 7155c6629ea022507843a585c30f6dec 94MB -
kISO MLNX_EN for SLES11 SP1 Driver 8d19ca29977dd171e04712f1cab8a781 177MB  
kISO VPI for SLES11 SP2 Driver   c1b0883e8ae25bbf4011b4bec54152dd 199MB -

ConnectX EN PXE
Driver Version MD5SUM Documents
ConnectX EN PXE (save with .tgz extension) 1.5.5 7c6b253c5d3904f5884be20317c8be45 -

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