NVIDIA offers a robust and full set of protocol software and drivers for FreeBSD for its line of ConnectX® Ethernet and InfiniBand adapters (ConnectX-3 and higher).

  • High performance single/Dual port support with full line rate, full duplex FDR InfiniBand and up to 100GbE
  • RDMA and RoCE (RDMA Over Converged Ethernet) Transport offload with zero copy for low CPU utilization
  • TCP/IP stateless offload, and Hardware Checksum Offload for Tx and Rx packets
  • Net device statistics per port with both ports in active mode
  • Extensive VLAN support with VLAN Tx/Rx acceleration (Hardware VLAN stripping/insertion), Hardware VLAN filtering and Hardware multicast filtering
  • Adaptive Interrupt moderation on the receive path patterned according to either latency-bound traffic or bandwidth bound traffic.
  • Use fewer high-performance systems in a rack based system, reducing cabling, low power consumption
  • Supports FreeBSD 10.0 and above

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