Updating Firmware for a Single InfiniScale III / InfiniScale Switch System

To update firmware on a single switch system in a Linux environment:

  1. Click here to download the Mellanox Firmware Tools (MFT) package (save with .tgz extension), its Release Notes, and its User's Manual from managment tools in our products section.
  2. Install MFT: First untar the downloaded package (tar -xzvf<mft tarball>), then run 'install.sh'.
  3. Download the correct firmware tar file using the Switch Firmware Download Table (below) (save with .tgz extension).
  4. Untar the firmware tarball using:  tar -xzvf <FW tarball>
  5. There are two methods to burn firmware onto the switch: (a) through the I2C interface; (b) In-Band over the InfiniBand fabric

To burn firmware through the I2C, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect Mellanox's MTUSB-1 device (Dimax - a USB to I2C adapter) between the host machine (USB port) and the switch system (I2C port).
  2. Create the /dev/mst/mtusb-1 device by running: mst start
  3. cd to fw-47396-1.0.5/ucode
  4. Set the internal i2c hub by running:  ./MTS2400_i2c_set /dev/mst/mtusb-1
  5. Query the switch system to see if it has a valid firmware image and a PSID by running:

spark -d /dev/mst/mtusb-1 q

If the query returns an error, please contact your Mellanox FAE.

  1. If the query succeeds, upgrade the firmware version on the switch system by running:
       mlxburn -fw ./IS3FW.BIN -dev /dev/mst/mtusb-1

To burn firmware In-Band over the InfiniBand fabric, perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure an OFED driver is installed and the Subnet Manager is running in the fabric.
  2. Make sure the local ports are active by running: ibv_devinfo
  3. Obtain the device LID by running: mst ib add
  4. List the discovered mst inband devices by running: mst status

[root@mymach]> mst status
MST modules:
MST PCI module loaded
MST PCI configuration module loaded
Inband devices:

  1. Run mlxburn with the LID retrieved in step #3 above to perform the In-Band burning operation.

[root@mymach]> mlxburn -dev /dev/mst/SW_MT47396_lid-0x0011 -fw ./IS3FW.BIN
-I- Reading PSID from board
-I- Using auto detected configuration file ./MT34000LE-A00.INI (PSID = MT_0070000001)
-I- Generating image ...

- Checking primary image - OK

Current FW Version: 1.0.0
New FW Version: 1.0.0

- Burning secondary image - OK
- Verifying secondary image - OK
- Burning primary image - OK
- Verifying primary image - OK
-I- Image burn completed successfully.

For an MTS9600 Gazelle Switch System:

Please contact your Mellanox FAE.

For an MTS14400 Rhino Switch System:

Please contact your Mellanox FAE.

OPN System Code Name Silicon Firmware Image Release Notes
Custom Switch based on Mellanox's MT47396 InfiniScale III switch device Custom Switch MT47396
InfiniScale III
fw-47396-1.0.5.tgz fw-47396-1_0_5_release_notes.pdf
Custom Switch based on Mellanox's MT43132 InfiniScale switch device Custom Switch MT43132
fw-43132-rel-5_6_0.tgz fw-43132_5_6_0_release_notes.pdf
MTS14400 144 Port Switch Rhino MT47396
InfiniScale III
fw-47396-1.0.5.tgz fw-47396-1_0_5_release_notes.pdf

24 4X Port Switch

12-4X & 4-12X Port Switch
Reindeer MT47396
InfiniScale III
fw-47396-1.0.5.tgz fw-47396-1_0_5_release_notes.pdf
MTS9600 96 Port Switch Gazelle MT43132 InfiniScale fw-43132-rel-5_6_0.tgz fw-43132_5_6_0_release_notes.pdf

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