Updating Firmware for a Single Network Interface Card (NIC)

  • If you have installed MTNIC Driver on your machine, you can update firmware using the mstflint tool. See mstflint FW Burning Tool README. You can download mstflint from the OpenFabrics site at mstflint_SW for Linux.

  • For instructions to update firmware on a single Adapter Card using MFT, see the table below.

Instructions for burning firmware using MFT: 

Index Step Linux / Windows
1. Download the MFT package. Go to the MFT page to download the correct MFT package.
2. Install MFT Check the installation instructions in the MFT User Manual (see Compilation and Installation section) according to your OS.
3. Download the correct firmware image zip file from the firmware page.
Click Here for help in identifying your Adapter Card.
4. Burn the firmware image to the Adapter Card

1. Start the mst driver service, run: " mst start".
This step is applicable to Linux OSes ONLY.

2. Print the current status of NVIDIA devices, run: "mst status".
The format of device name is:
- Linux: /dev/mst/mt<dev_id>_pci{_cr0|conf0}
- Windows: mt<dev_id>_pci{_cr0|conf0}

3. Unzip the binary image (.zip file).

4. Burn the firmware image, run:
"flint -d <device_name> -i <binary image> burn"


    To burn a firmware image to a ConnectX-7 adapter card (P/N: MCX75510AAS-NEAT) enter:
    Linux: flint -d /dev/mst/mt4129_pci_cr0 -i fw-4129-rel-28_37_1014.bin b


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