Firmware Downloads

Updating Firmware for Switch-IB™ Based InfiniBand Switch Platforms


To update firmware on a single switch system in a Linux or Windows environment:

  1. Download the Mellanox Firmware Tools (MFT) package and its documentation (User's Manual and Release Notes) from:
  2. Install MFT according to the instructions in its User's Manual.
  3. Download the switch User's Manual (see switches homepage) and follow the instructions on firmware burning and/or switch management. Externally managed (unmanaged) systems require the use of a Mellanox firmware burning tool like flint or mlxburn, which are part of the MFT package. (NOTE: The firmware of managed switch systems is automatically performed by management software - MLNX-OS�.)

  • PSID (Parameter-Set IDentification) is a 16-ascii character string embedded in the firmware image which provides a unique identification for the configuration of the firmware.
  • To create a customized firmware binary for an unmanaged switch system (OEMs Only) Click Here
  • To return to the main firmware page Click Here

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