GNU Code Requests


The following products of Mellanox: FabricIT, OFED, OMA, UFM, MLNX-OS, SwitchX SDK, SwitchX EVB, 8500, 9288/9096, 2012/2004 and 4700/4036, and additional products as may be updated by Mellanox from time to time, (the "Products") contain code which is subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL) and/or Lesser General Public License (LGPL), such as Linux and other software, and as detailed in the applicable End User License Agreement. If you wish to obtain a copy of the GPL and LGPL source code contained in any of these Products, please send, by registered mail, a certified check for $15.00 to cover our production and shipping costs, and specify the exact GPL or LGPL component required.

Kindly send your request and check below and a CD with the applicable GPL and/or LGPL source code will be mailed to you.

Mellanox (attn: Legal)
13 Zarhin St.
Ra'anana 43662, Israel

To view the GNU General Public License Version 2 terms and conditions click here.
To view the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 terms and conditions click here.

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